We only provide basic earning projects, there are many business opportunities in SE waiting for players to discover and create, so as to develop different earning projects, just like in the real world. The materials in SE can be minted into NFTs of multiple public chains after paying the handling fee and can be freely traded on the market at all levels to obtain benefits.
  • Free for Play
    Anyone can enter the SE metaverse for free and become an SE person. SE people without NFTs can carry out some basic social activities in the protection zone and become employed.
  • Play and Earn
    People who own SE assets can earn them within SE using a variety of game mechanics and gameplay.
  • DeFi Earn
    Use FT and NFT for SE DeFi projects to earn.
  • UGC to Earn
    Create various SE content to earn.
  • Reality into virtual to earn
    Engage in business activities that connect with the real world or SE local business activities to earn money.
Please see the whitepaper for specific earning projects.