Build economies around player decisions and market behavior.
  • FT

    SEG: short for Second Earth Governance, Governance token. Holders can participate in the governance of the DAO and receive governance rewards, as well as dividends from the Earth Alliance Treasury. The supply of SEG is 21 million and will not increase.

    SEM: Short for Second Earth Money, SE internal circulating currency. It is an inflation and deflation token designed to match the economic growth in SE and provide a solid monetary base for economic interaction in SE.

  • NFT
    The material in SE can be freely cast into NFT on various public chains. Casting NFT has different cooling times and costs.
    The NFT can be extracted from the SE to the wallet for on-chain trading, or placed from the wallet to the SE for use as a material.
    NFT is generated by initial release and player production. The initial releases were small and mostly player-made.
  • DeFi
    All kinds of decentralized financial business in and outside SE with SE materials, currency and NFT. Including pledge, loan, liquidity pool, etc.
  • Supply
    The general term for all things circulating in SE, traded in SE market using SEM. Including basic resources, raw materials, spare parts, semi-finished products, tools, weapons, equipment, skills chips and so on.
  • Marketplace

    • Official market
    Located on the official home page, it is used for NFT transactions and the transaction currency is SEG. The market also offers SEG to purchase SEM transactions. Charge.

    •SE market
    Located within SE, it is used for the transaction of NFT and resources, and the transaction currency is SEM. Charge. The market has an order issuing and receiving system.

    • Free market
    Each blockchain market, used for SEG and NFT transactions, the transaction currency is digital currency.

    Regional Trade
    Since there is no remote portal for traditional games in SE and SE markets exist in different regions, the transactions between regions need logistics to complete the final delivery, thus forming regional trade.

  • Treasury

    Divided into the Earth Alliance Treasury and the player Treasury.

    The Treasury of the Earth Alliance manages the funds and materials of the Earth Alliance, and relevant data can be queried on the blockchain. The proceeds of the Earth Alliance will go to the Treasury, including various fees, NFT casting fees, alliance fees, taxes, commercial activities income, etc. SEG and NFT purchased by the Earth Alliance are also stored in the Treasury. In the early stage, the project is managed by the project team and DAO, and in the middle stage, DAO is managed by DAO.

    The player Treasury is the national repository that SE allocates to the player after the player establishes the country. Has a range of intelligent management features that help players build and oversee their national economies.

  • Regulation Mechanism
    The Earth Alliance Treasury could make some macro adjustments to the SE's market leverage.
  • Economic Models
    Output: Initial launch, player produces base resources, player produces supplies, PVE gets supplies.
    Expend: The activity of producing, building, strengthening, fighting, etc. consumes material.
    Revenue: surplus goods sold in the market or financial activities.