Supply: Balance: Price(ETH): Connect Wallet
Airdrop SEG SEG is the governance token of SE. Twenty-one million.
Airdrop SEM SE Internal currency.inflation and deflation token.
Airdrop Oasis Citizenship Card Citizen rights of the Oasis, total number fixed.
Airdrop Land Land in the SE reserve. The total is fixed.
Airdrop Production tools Used to produce basic resources in SE.
Airdrop Manufacturing Equipment Used to make various items in SE.
Airdrop Weapons Used of armed forces.
More Airdrop Official original issue of other digital assets.
Mint Presale Access MINT ahead of time.
Mint Price Discount Maximum discounts are available.
SEG Presale Access Make SEG purchases in advance.
Discord Role Have a dedicated identity group.
Discord Channel For Holders A channel that people with genesis MEDALS can access.
Becoming A Closed Beta Tester You can access the test version. Ordinary people can't.
Having A Special Indication In SE The SE has a unique and distinguished display effect.
Earth Alliance Exchequer Dividend Get money automatically, earn it lying down.
Tips:See the SE Whitepaper for details.